The Blue Imp

The main feature of The Blue Imp is the images of cars, trucks, and bikes. I choose these pictures because I like them. And really that's it This site is about car photography and more specifically images or photographs of cars. Focus is primarily on kustom Kulture. A kustomblr of you need a tag.

It's my broad church and includes pictures of hot rods, rat rods, modified cars, stanced cars and retro rides; traditional and modified American, European, and Japanese vehicles.
I also like to post pictures of great roads because there's very little ride without road. And for the same reason workshops, filling stations, dashboards, wheels, grills etc.

Up to this point all images on the blue imp are reposts and while I try ensure every post has a link to the source there are occasional misses. If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know?

The main purpose of this Web page is to firstly please myself, secondly to provide the same small and oblique pleasure to anyone who visits the pages. Doing this reminds me to not get distracted by every day drudgery but to revel in the enhanced living that comes with driving your car. A door through which to enter life.

No money is made from this site. So far... If I can find a way that doesn't distract from the pleasure I get and doesn't fill me with self loathing then I’ll give it a try.

What I don't post.
Generally I don't post late model luxury consumer cars. You won't find many pictures of VEYRONS, BMW's, AUDI'S, BENTLEYS, or FERRARI'S here. Also any non modified commuter vehicles. Life's too short to post photos of boring cars. I think this is because of a vague sense that most of what is posted should be accessible and modifiable by the ordinary man or woman
Am I a hypocrite? Yes of course I am, if I like it I post it.
Not deliberately but naturally this site is heavy on KUSTOM KULTURE and in particular American cars but as I've said this is my broad church.